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The way is simply to suffer

Editing a video right now and this very charismatic coach says:

"You know, in Zen Buddhism, they have a saying which is 'All enlightenment comes from adversity.' You just don't become enlightened unless you go through adversity. You know what I do with that statement? I turn it around into the athletic arena and I say 'If you want to experience your greatness - I don't mean the greatest runner that ever ran, I'm just talking about your own personal greatness, to discover how good you can be. All of your personal greatness will only come when you experience suffering.' And, as an athlete, you must sacrifice and you must suffer - whatever that takes."

As inspiring as that is, the best thing about it is that it's all totally unscripted. It was simply his response to an athlete's concerns. Good guy.

Note to self - ensure this gets into the final draft.


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